The owners of Puckerbrush Hill are two sisters, Hayley Tiffany and Chelsea Knedler. They have successfully worked in coordinating roles in various capacities, and in various industries, for many years. They finally decided to start an event and design company, Puckerbrush Hill, for lots of reasons, but due in large part to one very memorable year for their family.

Hayley and Chelsea grew up in Iowa with two other “siblings”, their brother Ben, and cousin Betsy.  The four of them have spread out across the world, but still make an effort to see each other as often as possible.  Their ages range over six years; Chelsea is the oldest, Hayley is the youngest.  And somehow it happened that, within a seven month period, three of the siblings got married and the fourth got engaged.

Over the course of planning and executing four weddings in such a short time, they learned a lot.  Each wedding had its own style and was very different, but they all had a common denominator: they brought together family members and friends from all over the world to celebrate an epic night.  And that, Hayley and Chelsea realized, is what it’s all about.  So they decided they wanted to use their knowledge, creativity and passion to help make these special events happen for others as well.

Puckerbrush is the name of a former township in Southern Iowa, which consisted of a one-room schoolhouse and a few homes, and is where Hayley and Chelsea’s father grew up. The word has always had a sort of magical nostalgia to it, due in large part to the glimmer that always came into the eyes of the people who grew up there, whenever they talked about it. So, Puckerbrush has come to represent that special feeling of community and love in Hayley and Chelsea’s family, and they thought it was the perfect name for a business they built to help others celebrate love in their own unique way.

These days, the people you care about are often far away or very busy.  It’s these special events that allow people to congregate and take a moment out of their busy lives to be present with each other.  And that’s why the staff at Puckerbrush Hill do what they do.  These moments are special, and they feel their clients should be able to fully enjoy them, without stressing about the details.

Chelsea Knedler

Hayley Tiffany